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Online Masterclass: Lease/options to buy and Sell houses

with... Multiple Speaker(s)

Lease/options are an amazing addition to your strategic “tool bag”; they give you cash AND cash flow when you sell, and let you control properties without owning them when you buy. This online class in all about how to do BOTH…

Saturday, September 9, 2023 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Saturday, September 9th ONLINE
Masterclass: How to Use Lease/Options to
Sell AND Buy Creatively (and More Profitably than You can Imagine)
with Taylor Takacs and Dave Corsi

          Lease/Options are one of those tools that EVERY real estate investor should have in their toolbox; they’re useful and profitable both as a way to control properties AND as a way to create cash flow without the usual rental management hassles.

          That’s why we’re devoting an entire Saturday to the two faces of lease/options and how to use them to grow your wealth, income, and maybe even cash reserves

          In the morning, Dave Corsi (president of MetroREIA in New Jersey and creative finance expert) will talk about the benefits and risks of BUYING using lease/options, and explain:

  • The basics of lease/options: what they are, and how they work, in a legal sense
  • How you can use them to control and make money  from a property you don’t actually ‘own’ (and that you put little or no money down on)
  • Which kinds of properties work best for lease/option ‘purchases’, and which you should probably avoid
  • Why lease/optioning a house, instead of buying it, can save some sellers tens of thousands in taxes (and therefore be the solution they’re most likely to accept)
  • How you can protect yourself against your seller dying, or deciding he doesn’t want to sell after all when the time comes 

In the afternoon, Taylor Takacs (past president of ACRE of Pittsburgh and long-time lease/optionor) will share:

  • Why “selling” on lease/options creates THREE profit centers for you: upfront cash, like a wholesale deal; cash flow, like a rental; and a big back-end check, like a flip—it may be the perfect exit strategy
  • How to give homeowner wannabes the chance to build wealth and equity by giving them a chance they can’t get elsewhere—and how to structure a deal so that THEY do all the rehab, and build sweat equity in the process
  • How to spot BAD applicants and get the BEST tenant/buyers for your property
  • Why most lease/options say that the tenant/buyer is responsible for all repairs and maintenance (and why you STILL need to keep reserves, because you may end up doing those anyway)
  • How to turn a normal, everyday rental into a low-hassle, high-profit lease/option
  • What happens when the deal ‘goes bad’—the tenant buyer doesn’t pay the rent, or doesn’t maintain the property, or doesn’t buy when he’s supposed to

ALL registrants get:

  1. Access to the online class ‘live’ on Zoom on September 9th
  2. Recordings of the master class for your education library (whether you attend live or not)
  3. A 100% satisfaction guarantee: you’ll be convinced that this Masterclass was an amazing, skill-building, profit-generating use of your time and money, or we’ll refund your tuition!
  4. Sample documents (leases, options, checklists, resident forms, and more) to get you started

Register by midnight September 7th, and you also get…

  1. $20 off—members pay just $47 by September 7th, non-members $97* (it’s $67 and $127 after the cutoff)

          *But you’d be silly to pay that, since you can join for a month
          and get ALL the amazing benefits, networking, relationship-building,
          help and education available here at REIN, for just $25, HERE.

          Grab your link below, and get what you need to know to get started
          lease/optioning properties for more money with less hassle NOW.


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Date:  Saturday, September 9, 2023
Time:  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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