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Online Master Class - How to Evaluate Apartment Investments with Anthony Chara

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Experts agree that the 2023 market will create some apartment investing opportunities the likes of which we haven’t seen for YEARS, and the first step to grabbing them is understanding how to analyze them right!

Saturday, January 28, 2023 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Online Master Class - How to Analyze Apartment Deals
(with Anthony Chara)

      If you want financial freedom FAST, you might want to skip right past the flipping and single-family home stage and start buying apartment buildings.
      A single decent-sized building can replace all of the income from your job, and swamp the cash flow of your single-family rentals, and be way more passive…
      …And no, you don’t have to be rolling in cash or super-experienced to start buying apartments now.
      What you DO have to have is a new education in how to find deals (it’s different than with smaller properties), and how they’re financed (also WAY different), and how to find and manage managers, and who to bring into a deal if you’re new…
      …and ESPECIALLY how to figure out what an apartment deal is worth in the first place!

       If you don’t know how to crunch the numbers, or FIND the numbers, or forecast realistic FUTURE numbers, you won’t get the deals, partners, or financing you need.
       So we’re devoting a day to that crucial first step of analyzing apartment deals, with Anthony Chara, a nationally renowned apartment investor (he and his partners have purchased over 1,400 doors across the U.S.) and educator (we love his to-the-point, easy-to-understand approach).

In one day, you’ll learn all about:
- The important numbers you’ll need to collect on a building in order to calculate its current and future value
- Why you shouldn’t just believe the figures the broker or owner gives you, and how to collect the RIGHT data when they’re missing or clearly exaggerated
- How to apply a “cap rate” to the income to get the value of the property (and what that cap rate should be)
- The difference between a “pro forma” analysis (that’s what it COULD BE when the building is repositioned) and an “as is” analysis (what it is now, and what lenders are interested in)—you need to be able to do both to fully evaluate a property
- How to “speak the language” so that sellers, brokers, and lenders take you seriously (if you don’t know what DSCR, operating ratio, TIMMUR, reserves, and NOI are, you’d better be here)
- How to QUICKLY analyze a lead to see if it’s even worth following up on

When you’re done, you’ll have what you need to competently analyze any apartment lead you see, whether it’s a 4 family or a 1,000-unit building—and that’s guaranteed. If you end the day less than 100% convinced that you can do this, just tell us and we’ll refund your (already cheap) tuition.

And there are bonuses, too:

  • All registrants get Anthony’s “Quick Analysis Software” (emailed to you Saturday morning, so watch for that)
  • You can bring real apartment deals you’re looking at to the workshop, and Anthony will analyze them for you
  • Everyone who REGISTERS gets the recording of the class and analysis software so…

Can’t attend live on Zoom? No problem—all registrants get a downloadable copy of the class and the forms for your real estate library.

Our online Saturday workshops are becoming nationally famous for their depth of education and super-affordable, money-back guaranteed attendance fees, and we’re heading into 2023 with a great lineup of up-to-the-minute topics and skill-building presentations for you to choose from.

They’re all “live” on Zoom, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to learn, to ask questions, and interact with our experts and your fellow wealth seekers, and they’re also all recorded, and you’ll get a download for your real estate library of every single one you register for.


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Date:  Saturday, January 28, 2023
Time:  8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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