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Online, Hands-On “How to Create and Use Your Own Land Trust” Workshop with Randy Hughes

with... Multiple Speaker(s)

Take the next step down the road of using the awesome power of land trusts to protect your stuff AND do creative deals and even partnerships more easily

Saturday, July 8, 2023 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


PHP Credits
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July 8
th, 8 am- 3 p.m. Central
Half-Day, Hands-On Workshop
How to Create (and Use) 
Your Own Land Trust 
with Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust®
PHP credits: 3 contract law, 1 finance, 1 federal regulations, 1 exit strategies.

          You probably already know that land trusts are a way of holding title that protects your privacy.

          But what you may not know is that they’re incredibly useful in a bunch of OTHER ways, ranging from making creative finance deals easier
to lowering expenses when you buy and sell

          Take the next step down the road of using the awesome power of land trusts to protect your stuff AND do creative deals and even partnerships more easily. 

          In this half-day, online Zoom workshop, you’ll do all this:

Actually form your first land trust, by filling out a real land trust document in real time as Randy explains the how’s and why’s

  • See exactly how your land trust works with your LLC to create ultimate privacy AND  asset protection—and exactly how to ‘fill in the blanks’ to make your LLC the beneficiary
  • Discover how to use your new land trust to:
    • Avoid nuisance lawsuits, by making it hard for those ‘daytime T.V.’ attorneys to get to you
    • More easily buy properties creatively, using everything from options to “subject to” strategies
    • Partner with other investors without the expense of transferring title
    •  “Sell” deals to other people, sort of like on land contract, only without the risk and expense of foreclosures
  • And learn all the things you need to know, but didn’t know you needed to know, like:
    • WHERE your land trust should be set up. (It may not be in the same state as the property!)
    • Who your trustee should be (hint: NOT YOU)
    • How you “put a property in a trust” when you already own it, or right from the beginning. (It’s really pretty simple, once you know how)
    • How many land trusts you’ll need.
    • And lots more…

          Randy Hughes has been investing in real estate since 1969, and he decided early on that having his 200 rentals in his own name was a bad idea, from a privacy and asset protection perspective. And he started using land trusts.

          As time passed and he studied them more, he realized that most investors don’t get the FULL power of these awesome contracts. And as he discovered more and more ways to use them, he also started teaching others to do the same. And soon, he was known nationwide as Mr. Land Trust®.

Every attendee gets:

  1. A template land trust, which you’ll actually fill out alongside Randy during the class
  2. The “52 Benefits to Using Land Trusts” e-booklet
  3. The recording of the entire event. (So if you can’t attend on Zoom on the 8th, you can still get the advantage of all of this powerful information

          And it’s cheap, too: just $47 for members ($67 after July 6th) or $97 for non-members ($127 after July 6th)*, and free for Express Success members.

          *(Non-members: we recommend that rather than pay $50 more, you just join REIN for $25 a month, and take advantage of ALL of the educational, networking, and relationship building power of this awesome community. If you don’t love it, you can quit any time. But you will. Love it, we mean.)

          You’ll come away understanding exactly how useful and powerful land trusts are in your wholesaling, rental, retailing, or note-buying business. How they can make you money, save you money, and reduce your risk.

          In fact, we GUARANTEE that you’ll leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of land trusts and how you can use them right away to make your real estate business run more easily and profitably. And if you don’t agree, we’ll refund your tuition!

          So register below to get your link, bonuses, and recordings of this powerful training!


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Date:  Saturday, July 8, 2023
Time:  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

PHP Credits:
Contract Law (3.00 hours)
Finance (1.00 hours)
Regulations - Federal (1.00 hours)
Exit Strategies (1.00 hours)
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