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ONLINE Creative Deal School with Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook

with... Vena Jones-Cox

A free 6 Wednesday night class to show you how to negotiate, evaluate, and structure deals with sellers, partners, and private lenders

March 8 thru April 12, 2023 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Online Creative Deal School

Wednesday Nights 6:00 - 7:30 Central
March 8th- April 12th, 2023
REIN Members Only

            If you’re a fan of creative finance deals (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?? They’re awesome!!) and you’re always looking for ways to hone your understanding and abilities, you’ll love this free series of online workshops with mega-creative investors Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook.

            It’s 6 sessions that each dig into one important benefit, skill, or aspect of making creative deals.

            Register for the entire series; if you miss a week, you’ll get the recording to add to your personal deal structuring library.

            You’ll get more of both the big picture of how creative deals work AND detailed instructions about the best ways to find, negotiate, evaluate, and close lots of kinds of creative deals.

Here’s the Week-by-Week Agenda

Wednesday, March 8th: The Best Ways to Buy with No Banks (or hard money lenders or qualifying) in 2023. 2023 is shaping up to be the hottest year for creative finance deals in over a decade.
       With sales slumping and prices faltering and the stock market firmly in bear territory, it’s a great year to get some cash-flowing properties by exercising your creative deal-making skills, and make pay prices your competitors just can’t. We’ll talk about the best structures for doing that, WHY they’re the best in the current market, and how to get yourself ready to rule 2023. Guaranteed to make you see that you’re walking away from deals that you could make a ton of money on, and to inspire you to go back to those old leads and try again with your new knowledge.
Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s complete “How to Do Subject To” course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, March 15th: Yeah, but What Do I Offer? The question EVERY new creative deal maker asks is, “I know I can offer more…but how MUCH more?”
      Like every great real estate question, the answer is, “It Depends”. We’ll talk about what it depends ON, and why ARV and repair costs are only part of the equation. We’ll also walk through something really important: why not every no money down, no qualifying deal is a GOOD deal, and why you need to do  full evaluation of the ALL the numbers of a property, so that you can do this right before you make a mistake. If you’re there, we’ll even give you a worksheet that reminds you what numbers you need to make the right deals.
Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Bill’s Financial Calculator course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, March 22nd: How to Talk to Sellers About Financing Their Properties for You. You don’t need to “convince” sellers to do creative deals, or “talk them into” it: you need to understand what their pain points are, and then graphically show them how they’ll be better off taking your offer. We’ll talk about what to ask sellers to determine their pain points, our different approaches to doing that (Bill likes to be face-to-face to ask questions; Vena prefers the phone); their different processes (Bill uses something called a T-bar, Vena doesn’t); and why the ‘sales process’ to getting to a seller-financed deal is often weeks or even months long (but totally worth it).
Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Vena’s full “How to Negotiate with Sellers Successfully” online course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, March 29th: Creative Deals with Private Lenders and Partners. If you believe that all private lenders want 12% interest and all partners want 50% of your deals, you’re not thinking creatively enough. We’ll talk about CREATIVE deal structures with other investors that let you buy with no cash or credit of your own, fully control your own deal (even if you have a partner), and how to FIND private lenders and partners.
Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoomVena’s “How to Be a Successful Private Lender” course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, April 5th: How to Pick the Right Creative Deal Structure for YOUR Property. One of the struggles in constructing creative deals is knowing WHICH tool—subject to, seller-carryback mortgage, lease/option, private loan, partnership, option—to pull out for a particular situation. In this session, we’ll not only show you how to narrow down your many choices to the right one, but also give every live attendee a flow chart that makes it easy.
Door prize drawing from names of attendees on actually ON zoom: Bill’s How to Be a Successful Door Knocker course. Must be present to win.

Wednesday, April 12th: The Technicalities that No One Teaches. Theory is one thing; understanding how to actually CLOSE a creative deal is another. Your attorney or title company probably won’t know how do due diligence, paperwork, and disclosures, so you need to, because doing it wrong is #1 reason creative deals go bad, sometimes YEARS after the fact. So let’s go through the checklist of what you need to do after you’ve gotten the contract, but before you close, so that your new investment stays a good one years or decades later.
Door prize drawing: a free pass for 2 to the Ultimate Creative Deal Structuring Workshop, April 27th-30th in Cincinnati.

FREE for Members
This is a Members Only Event.

Date:  March 8 thru April 12, 2023
Time:  6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

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